Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Transport in Tanzania

To rent a car, contact Travelmate (
www.travelmate.co.tz) in Dar, which do reasonable arrangements with or without drivers;

The best among the bad – and highly dangerous – bus services in Tanzania is Scandinavia Express – however they serve only the main routes. The head office is in Dar es Salaam on the corner of Nyerere Road/…, Tel. 0784 21 84 84 or 0784 21 84 85 or 022 218 48 33or 022 286 19 47; e-mail:
A much gentler, safer, even though slower way to travel is by train. There is Central line, crossing Tanzania East West, originally built by the German colonial government, with each a branch towards the North to Mwanza and the South towards Mpanda; And there is the much younger, more comfortable Chinese built TAZARA line linking Dar es Salaam with Zambia, through Selous National Park, Ifakara and Mbeya. Make sure you follow the waggon guards instructions for safety, as there are pick pocketers around. One each station, hundreds of villagers will greet you and offer fruit, handicraft and even complete meals for sale. The line to Arusha unfortunately is only for freight now adays, which leaves you only the option of a flight or a long bus journey to the North.

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